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October 9, 2006

Today’s Introduction

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Hello again guys, StyleZ here. Not a very clear introduction yesterday I must say, to continue, I shall introduce myself again.

My name’s Jasper, currently the Committee Leader for Gaming.RP. The image above, is actually what Gaming.RP is. We work hard, we play hard. Gaming.RP, one of the open IGs, in RP, is one of the leading and recognised IGs in Republic Polytechnic. I worked with my team to handle all matters relating to Gaming.RP with my advisors. Gaming.RP strives to establish a good relationship with the public as a IG that can work in all fields, such as event management, professional gaming, community services, technical administration, business development and publicity design.

Gaming.RP has worked with different partners over the years, and these is a rough guide to the events we took part in, basically for 2006.

– Project Love


– WCG@Intercampus

– WCGAC@Suntec

– RP Open House

– RP Lan Wars 2006

– ITC (upcoming event in December)

Our partners, come from non-profit organisations, and reputable companies such as

– Acer

– Fujitsu

– Rapture Gaming Network


This relatively are the partners, Gaming.RP, has worked with before.

Coming to an end for the business part, Gaming.RP, has an element of fun within it. Most of us are gamers, professionally, or just average, we have play games before, and we take part in competitions during our previous secondary school years, or during NS. Our team representatives are from locally recognised clans in Singapore, such as Ragefaction, and Grudgebringers.

Sad to say, these clans have disbanded, and now are of players belonging to their specific new clans, including some of the veterans.

For me, I have been playing FPS games for the past 4 years already. I played with my clan in a game, UT2003, and represented my clan to take part to go against other players in the world. Although we didn’t win in the end, we came in as the top 10 clans in the world. I was from T3am Extrem3, which has been disbanded since the collapse of popularity in UT2004. The clan lasted for 3 years before it was disbanded.

Currently, while being in RP, I am aiming to take part in CS professionally, so I trained everyday with my own classmates, and with my own clans, Team Dragons, and R.t.F, known otherwise as Ragtag.Fusion.

Strategy Games, I do play DotA, and the standard games for Wc3, but I must admit I am not a professional at those games, but just grasp the basics and average skills of it. I still prefer FPS games as a choice 🙂

I’m playing for Team Dragons as a main team representative, and is the clan leader of R.t.F.

So basically, today’s post has been quite long, and an introduction to who I am in reality, and what I am currently working as.

Thank you for reading, and I shall update the blog soon.

Good night to all, and have a wonderful evening.

– StyleZ

” Play with Originality, Play with StyleZ”


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