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October 11, 2006

ARC 06 : Artiste and Repertoire Challenge 2006

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It was a rather busy day at school, having Basic Sciences 2 today. It was about the topic on Light, and its applications, such as refraction and diffraction. To keep the post today interesting, I am taking part in ARC 06.


What is that?

Artiste and Repertoire Challenge 2006.

ARC 06


Still not sure what is it about?

A small description from the ARC website

The Artistes and Repertoire Challenge (ARC) project proposes to groom Artistes and Repertoires talents for the music recording industry, as well as to raise awareness for the various supporting creative industries such as recording engineering, music arranging, artiste management, hairstyling, fashion, marketing, designing, etc. “Artistes and Repertoires” (A&R) is essentially the research and development (R&D) arm for a record company. In addition to being a talent scout, the A&R person is also the crucial link to getting the music record made and completed, choosing the songs among the repertoire, helping to decide whether an artiste is going to do a cover, which producers the artiste is going to work, finding people to play on the album (background musicians, collaborators, etc.) and so on.

During the challenge, each team member will be assigned a specific role in A&R, and will undergo mentorship with industry professionals to learn the art of the trade. After the training, the team will have to complete different tasks such as talent scouting and grooming their artiste, and produce and promote the artiste’s album. Based on their performance in these tasks, five teams will be selected to go into the Grand Finals. This is where teams need to promote their artiste in a concert setting, as well as showcase their individual works.

Winning individuals will be drawn from the different trades and will be awarded a one-year contract to work with an A&R team to produce and market an album. The winners will also have the opportunity to travel overseas as part of their prize. On top of getting a real taste of the industry, the winners will also become mentors to the next batch of contestants in the following year’s challenge.

Prizes :

– one year contract

– overseas trip

– next group of mentors

– up to $5000 of prizes

Oh my! such tempting prizes!

Back to topic, nah, the prize is tempting enough, true, but what attracts me is working in the music industry. I have a dream of becoming a audio engineer and a game designer, but it always has been a differing ambition, still undecisive of what to be. With such a competition, I hope to gain the experience needed, and if possible, to come to a final decision of my future ambition.

Taking part in this challenge, it also comes to establishing contacts, and I do have a few contacts to seek advice from, as those who are currently working in the music industry, one of them is a relative of mine.

12th October 2006

W1 Agora

12pm – 2pm

Registration Free

Meet ya there if you are interested!

The group’s completed! (updated)
– StyleZ

“Play with Originality, Play with StyleZ”



  1. an’t believe no one replied yet, nice blog btw

    Comment by converse — October 11, 2006 @ 10:31 pm | Reply

  2. weeeee!! WE SHALL ROCK THE STAGE BABY! weeee~!

    Comment by tralala — October 12, 2006 @ 10:35 am | Reply

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