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October 11, 2006

StyleZ.Blog Disclaimer

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Hi guys, StyleZ here again. I was thinking about a topic to write for my blog today, so I shall share some information about my blog, as to show what were my intentions for starting such a blog. When I started this blog a few days ago, I have no ulterior motives of being a attention-seeker, or that I need to establish any idea of getting fame while studying in Republic Polytechnic.

There have been news of a website by the name of and, which has become relatively popular with RP students. At any point of time, I would like to raise the issue, that this blog was not a form of challenge to either websites, I have no intentions of doing so.

This blog was started with the purpose of sharing useful information, interesting news, some daily bits about my time of studying in RP. No, this is not a form of online communism, or any form of messages to brainwash you into certain activities. This blog will also not be used as a platform for flaming anyone that I know of, or has any knowledge of. I would like to use this blog as a platform of communication to friends, people who need help, or readers of my blog. As a busy person myself, I cannot deny the fact that I don’t have time to meet everyone to help, so this blog shall be my alternate way of communication to people who would need my help.

Then again, some may ask why I had this idea of starting such a blog again.

While I was studying in RP, I normally offered my technical help to my fellow friends, classmates, or even distant classmates( friends of classmates) as a form of mobile IT-helpdesk. Although my technical knowledge could be limited, I do my best to help in removal of bugs and errors for your computer(spywares, adwares, etc etc) without going to the alternative of reformating. I would only suggest reformat as a last alternative, as constant reformatting can kill your hard-drive and decrease the lifespan to less than 3 years. (normally harddisks aim to have a lifespan of roughly 5-6 years).

Back to topic, I also wanted to use this platform for sharing interesting bits, and opinions I have, about stuff that I find, or news that’s going around the world. There’s nothing wrong with the expressing of opinions, but what are the extremes one may go to express, love or hate for a certain subject, or something.

Then again, I also find people who have the same interests as me while during my stay in Republic Polytechnic, such as

– animes

– mangas

– gaming

– hiphop culture

– japanese culture

– gadgets and technology

Definitely this platform shall also be used to allow more interaction with people about such topics that I have an interest in.

Some of you who reads this blog may know me personally, some would not.

This blog will also open the path of knowing new friends for me, whether you could be one that came for technical help, or one that like to see my opinions on my interests, or catchy topics, or even discuss about a certain topic!

Iceknight, was a previous in-game name I liked, now that I have been using StyleZ, please don’t address me by either names if you do see me 🙂

Please call me Jasper, and I hope to meet you all in RP if there is such a chance.

Thank you everyone who’s been reading this platform.

Thank you.

– StyleZ ( Jasper)

“Play with Originality, Play with Style”


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