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October 12, 2006

Another day in RP; Discussion of Gaming : Part I

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Hello all once again, StyleZ here to pin up some thoughts on his blog. It was another day of studying in RP, as I take my Mathematics Module today. Mathematics was not a very strong subject of mine, and to say the truth, the first time I passed Maths since Sec 1, was my O levels. Normally I get through to another level of secondary education by pushing through last minute, and using other subjects to make it through.

Why talk about Mathematics?

The interesting part was that in this second semester, I seemed to have developed a liking for Mathematics, especially in my new class. Thank you class! 🙂 I like working with my classmates, and talking to them, joking around, playing CS in class, listening to songs.

As the second breakout started, I was thinking, time to go down with shar and vonne for the ARC 06, to register for the competition. We finally went down at 12.20 after doing our work, and at the same time, meet up with vonne’s friend, and to our amazement, we received a big shock. Oh My! The team include the artiste himself/herself! As we stood near the counter, somehow we met Shar’s classmate, and vonne’s friend. We were pondering where to get the artiste. I heard from them that his classmate took vocal lessons before, and was rather good in self-styling too. So, my group was at a 5 member team, including myself, shar’s classmate, vonne’s friend, shar, and vonne herself.

Basic Schedule :

Mid-November : Interview at Raffles Place, Virtuoso Arts Company

December : Professional Training

January : Preliminary Rounds

February : Grand Finals!

I hope it doesn’t clash with Gaming.RP’s activity, especially the December and January ones. It’s gonna be tough for my members, when my current active advisor leaves, without a good advisor anymore, I don’t want to have a strict advisor taking over the IG.

Coming back to the ARC 06 issue, I hope we will win, and also glorify RP!

Looking at my title for the post today, you must be wondering . . . . . .

What in the world is the Discussion of Gaming?

I came home around 8pm just now, when I saw my father watching TV, he was watching Channel U’s “You Shoot, I Shoot”. For friends who doesn’t know what that show is about, it allows the general public, special guests and celebrities, offer their opinions about society’s issues, and topics.

Today’s topic captured my attention the most. Gaming. Gaming here in the sense of console gaming and computer gaming, like what many young people, including myself, have a passion/interest for it. The topic talked about how gaming has become a culture in Singapore, yet it has created some negative impacts on young people recently, including adults too. As I begin this topic, I shall offer my opinion, from the perspective of a neutral gamer, and not being biased in any way, as a Committee Leader of Gaming.RP, that I have to defend or attack the concept of gaming.

First, let’s look at gaming itself. What is gaming in my perspective?

Gaming itself, to me, has been of a culture, and a form of relaxation. Why you may ask, that I would say gaming has actually became a culture in my perspective. The gaming world has been in Singapore and throughout the world for quite some time, becoming very popular with the launch of PC games that captivate the world, like Counterstrike, Unreal Tournament, Command and Conquer, Warcraft, Starcraft, Quake, Need for Speed, FIFA, NBA Live, and many others. These games were known to be very popular, especially with Counterstrike and Warcraft, until today, the game has still capture the hearts of many gamers, as two of the world’s most popular games. Since the time I started playing PC and console games, around 4-5 years ago, I was influenced into playing a lot of different games, and treat it as a form of relaxation and hobby.Gaming has also influenced many others to join the world of entertainment, in terms of videogames, by taking part in competitions, like WCG, CPL, CAPL and many others. Gaming has also changed the lives of many, by influencing in a way or another, either positively (like Fatal1ty, a professional gamer), or negatively (like the American students shooting to imitate GTA). There are times when I met up with gaming itself, as a problem, which I will share it later on in the discussion.

Yet, many people in this world perceived gaming differently, from positive manners to negative remarks, like the harnessing of different humane skills like leadership, and to the idea of gaming becoming a bad influence, an addiction, being one of the roots of destruction.

Then again, gaming is one thing, who are gamers?

As I was doing recruitment for Gaming.RP in the past few months, I have been busy thinking about an issue. How do people perceive gamers, or what is Gaming.RP to them. I have a few different answers, but mostly, people generalise gamers as nerdy or geeky youngsters who sit behind the computer all day, playing PC games, not having much of a social life. This is seriously a misconception happening anywhere, to parents, to young adults, to kids.

Gamers, I would like to emphasise, is not of the concept of geeky gamers who sit at the computer all day playing PC games and being anti-social. Gaming.RP was started by gamers, but its idea was not to have gaming as a main focus. Gaming.RP was a event-management IG, and it has developed rather well over the years. From a personal experience, I am a gamer myself, and definitely not all of us are geeky, and stays at the computer all day, or being anti-social.

For those who have met professional gamers, your experience and concept of them will definitely change, none of them are anti-social people, neither are gamers themselves. In Republic Polytechnic, for those who have known me, you have understand that I have a large network of friends. Did it come from only speaking to people I like?

The answer is No.

I interact with people as I work in Gaming.RP, almost everyone in the field, or at school. I meet people everyday, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, I have my own interests, such as bboying, locking and popping, listening to music, chatting with people. If the conception of gamers are those who stay in front of the computer, it’s definitely a mistake, and for being anti-social, I would like to bring up the issue that, some gamers are deem anti-social is because they feel that most messages have been communicated to someone through the Internet, then why waste time talking to people. I would definitely say that I am not anti-social.

How would I even approach people for mobile IT-helpdesk services if I don’t want to talk to people? 🙂

Then again, many people have differing opinions of what are gamers to them. There’s a misconception that all gamers are like what was described just now.

I shall bring this discussion of Part I to a close as of now, I shall continue on Part II tomorrow, the addiction issue to gaming, and how should one control gaming, to reduce the chances of being addicted to it.

Thank you all for reading.

– StyleZ

“Play with Originality, Play with StyleZ”


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