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October 14, 2006

The Discussion about Gaming : Part II

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Gaming, like what I discussed earlier on, had its positive and negative influences to different people, but for today, let’s talk about its negativity.

There are a few negativity about gaming, being its influence on

– character

– personality

– actions

and it leads to one source of gaming activity, as we labeled it as “addiction”.

How does one identify oneself addicted to gaming?

Many people defined the addiction to gaming differently I would say. Then again, how should I begin?

I shall describe to you, the addiction of gaming, from my own personal experience. Did I recover? I would say yes, but till what extent, it’s not known.

2 years ago, a game called Gunbound, was released worldwide. It was during my secondary 2 year, that I developed an interest in this online game by the name Gunbound. This online game allows users to control small creatures or vehicles to shoot at online human opponents in a Worms-3D based environment, with 2D characters. When my friend first introduced this game to me, I was in the so-called “pioneer batch” of players who started playing. I liked the gameplay at that time, and started playing the game with my friends everyday. Whenever I came back home from school, I would play a few hours of Gunbound, not realising that I was slowly becoming addicted to it. After a period of time, my friends got bored of the game, and I was there alone, in the online world. Yet, It did not stop me from gaming, as I started playing those games with online strangers, and making new friends. It was during the holidays, when the addiction became quite a problem, when the holiday started, for 2 weeks in the 1 month holiday, I played continously non-stop.

You see, in Gunbound, there were ranks and items that players could get once they got enough gold, or “GP”, known as “game points”, and the “Wands” ranks were the most powerful and well-known group of people. I played almost 16 hours everyday with my new online friends, and indeed, reached the first rank of the “Wands”, within 2 weeks. My aim was not completed yet, as my addiction at that point of time, pushed me to get the third rank of the “Wands”, and I played continuously again, without realising my social life was at stake, when my friends called me to go out, or when my relationship with anyone was going to be disastrous. Indeed, I didn’t notice the world around me at that point of time, even my holiday school work was not done.

That was the mental and social stress it place on oneself, by having only concentration for the online game, forgetting that work around you was needed to be done, and socially, you are not talking to much people anymore, especially those around you, but more to those online friends.

Physically, it places stress on a person’s body when you don’t have enough sleep, and your body don’t follow it’s own respective clock, and then not enough or excess food is taken, it places another limitation on one’s body to cope with lack of food. Without regular exercise, your body will not handle the limitations well. I could remember. . . . . .I dranked almost 30 cups of tea in 5 days.

The caffeine, the lack of food, the unbalanced amount of sleep, the unbalance within the body can indeed become a major problem, if you are addicted to gaming as something one should treat as a passion, or interest, but not as a continuous torture to the body.

News reports have shown gamers collapsing to exhaustion, even till the stages of death, in Korea, USA, Germany, England, countries that have a huge fanbase in gaming.

But to what limitations do we consider others to be addicted to gaming?

This is from my perspective, mainly

– when reality and virtual worlds are the same to oneself

– when social relationships are seem to be forgotten

– when one forgot one’s physical limitations

– when matters around yourself is no more of a concern, the virtual world seems to be of more importance

– when treating virtual actions to be real, and portraying them

– when solving matters, resorting to virtual methods.

Indeed, it may be true to the situation that an addiction to gaming is hard to control, but what we can do to prevent it, is to understand, how important reality is to oneself, and that parents indeed, have to cultivate a good habit for their children, not by limiting them to virtually minimal periods to exposure, but taking a concern into what are the media they are exposed to, and instilling in them the right education for them. A rebellious nature will sure grow if one would to be limited to everything that he should be exposed to, in order to learn.

This, shall be my conclusion to the topic of Gaming, A unseemly powerful yet growing culture, having its influence on the world today.

To update everyone, this blog has been added with a few categories and stuff I did not mention, with the Anime & Mangas Section, I added links to websites where you can do a direct download of your favourite animes and mangas.

At the same time, I added a few links on technological stuff, in the Latest Technology & Softwares, where everyone can look at interesting websites which I found while surfing the Internet.

I will be updating the blog constantly with new and cool stuff, check back everytime!

Thank you everyone for reading the post!

– StyleZ

“Play with Originality, Play with StyleZ”


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  1. weeee~
    I agree man. i watched the tv program on chn u as well. i have friends who are addicted to gaming. Ragnarok online. He was rushing to go home during an outing with us and because he got a meeting for a quest with his fellow mates. Haiz. It was terrible. Though there are bad examples in gaming world, there are nice ones as well. Actually i have known the guy-you-know-who-opposite-our-class thru gunbound sometime ago.haha. the world is indeed small. But it would be fun to find people who shares same interest as you and online gaming within us and friends actually have a bond going on. At least we will never run out of topics.
    My life was sort of messed up with maplestory when it first came out,gunbound,etc. Basically those foc ones. I was addicted to ps some time ago. completes RPG games within a short time. If i didn remb wrongly, the fastest time i completed an RPG was FF8.I completed it within 3 days. Not saying aquiring those best weapons or what.Just simply completing it. But those tech toys dun really liked me that well. I have spolit my hse tv more than 3 times and 3 controllers were spoiled. =.=

    Comment by Tralala~ — October 16, 2006 @ 9:27 pm | Reply

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