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October 16, 2006

Memories here, Memories there

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4 weeks had passed within this semester, as everyone entered their new classes, each person have their own experiences with their new classmates. Some may have met their ex-classmate’s friends, some may have met their ex-schoolmates, some may have met their IG pals, and work very well with each other. Yet, some may have started in an environment where everyone was a total stranger to you. Now that a month have passed, you may ask yourself these questions,

– was it a good experience?

– if not, why so, and can you improve the situation?

Please submit your RJ by 11.59pm tonight.

No, seriously, just kidding!

back to topic, indeed, everyone has make new friends along the way(enemies if friendship became the last alternative), and have quite some experiences with your new classmates.

Why choose Memories as the topic then?

I guess I wouldn’t be wrong to say, everyone will miss their ex-classmates from the 1st semester, most of us were separated by the new classes, or the extremely lucky cases, you and your best friend are in the same class. Yet indeed, memories are definitely there to tell you the times everyone spent together. You see your ex-classmates for lunch/breakfast, you meet them for gaming sessions, yet, you feel something was left out among the clique/class.

What’s that feeling?

It’s those memories of the class working together, everyone had great times, going for a chalet, going for a bbq, going for overseas trips together(some classes), irritating each other, making fun of each other, playing with each other, chatting, joking, eating, drinking with each other.

Those memories are indeed precious, and remember them, as you meet them occasionally at times, it’s those memories that you don’t get much chances to see, repeating itself.

Value those memories, value those friendships, value the lessons learnt, and finally, value each other.

Sometimes, it’s just more than words that convey your thoughts, it’s the touching/great memories you shared with each other.

I’ve come to the end of my post, I shall be back later to chat about some other stuff.

– StyleZ

“Play with Originality, Play with StyleZ”


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