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November 15, 2006

Welcome back!

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Hi guys, welcome back to StyleZ’s back from his work, to share with you his experiences. As the day approaches nearer, IT Challenge 2006 also approaches. It’s a event that Gaming.RP shall be co-ordinating, especially related to a IT-PBL Symposium with a mixture of the gaming world, by having a LAN game competition!

Working as an Overall Oversight, it’s quite busy sometimes when you are working constantly to make sure everyone’s job is running well, and also the show to run well. I worked with my Welfare Team and the Committee Team, as they become the different team oversights. These 5 committee members, have been with me since the formation of the committee, to handle all the Gaming.RP matters. Each of them have their specialities, and their qualities, and I would like to thank them for working with me so long for, around 5-7 months already. Thanks guys!

As a Committee Leader of Gaming.RP, my position is equal to the President level of other IGs. I handle most matters related to the IG itself, from administrative work, technical work, and public relations work.

Who am I?

I have appeared on Lianhe Zaobao for Gaming.RP’s project outreach in Project Love, and currently work with different people in school, such as the different departments too, in handling events and school matters. Gaming.RP originated from OIS, the Office of Information Services, in RP. I worked with my advisors to also help out in different events, now expanding the roles in Project Love. I am also involved in different projects such as

– IT Challenge 06

– RP Open House 07

Seriously, how old are you?

People had asked me before, How old I am, as a student in RP. I shall give you a clue, I am currently in Year 1. I’m not a Year 2, or a Year 3 Senior. I have been in Gaming.RP for the past 7 months, and served as the Committee Leader for 5 months already.

Find me familiar?

You could check back on RP’s Sunlove Articles to get a clue on my identity in school. As a student, I am also currently helping out students who may be meeting with IT-based problems, such as manual troubleshooting for your computer. I could be regarded as a Mobile Helpdesk, since I occasionally move around to different locations to troubleshoot computers.

Are you a Perfect “A” Student?

The answer is No. I am not a “Daily-Grade all As” student, I don’t backstab, I don’t claim credit for work that I didn’t do. To avoid the misconception that students who scored all As are backstabbers or bootlickers, if you are encountering one in your class, then ignore it, he/she will not be easily acknowledged in society. I do moderately well for my daily grades, and is a moderate student in terms of my UT grades.

Where or How did you learn to make such guides?

I am different from most people in terms of my IT skills, however good it may be. I gained my knowledge from own experiences, and through self-learning, so I don’t tend to approach heavy books or guides to get solutions to solve things. I preferred streetwise knowledge, you never know when it’s gonna be more useful than ever.

Are you in contact with people from different areas of expertise/socialise constantly?

Yes. I do know quite a bit of people in RP. Working and talking with them, formed a basic friendship among each other. I don’t restrict myself to only Gaming.RP, I do know others from different IGs, such as SLC, HipHop IG, Modern Dance, Dragonboaters, EMP, SA. I treat everyone as a friend, and a good contact to know.

Your real identity is . . . . . .

My real identity, as of now, is still in a low profile. Whether you will meet me in RP, will be up to fate. I could be very busy, or very free. If you would like to get in contact with me for any matters, you know where you can contact me @


I will be online in MSN most of the time, so feel free to add me in MSN if you would like to ask about anything.


The name’s Jasper, or addressed me by StyleZ is okay too.

Thank you for reading today’s post!

“Play with Originality, Play with StyleZ”



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