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November 16, 2006

An Interesting Extract…….

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Hey all. StyleZ here again. Now that I am rather free, I would like to share with you an article that I had quite some time ago. A friend once shared with me this extract, and I find it quite true. It’s actually a chinese article, so I shall translate it for my readers.

an extract

This article is for a guy, when he loves the girl he is with, what a guy should know when a girl is portraying certain characteristics. It begins with ….

Line 1 : Not many guys know that, when a girl throws her temper at a guy, she actually turns back and breaks down in tears.

Line 2 : Not many guys know that, a girl is never really angry with the guy, it’s because she really love him and care for him.

Line 3 : Not many guys know that, a girl will only nag continuously, and show attitude to the guy she love.

Line 4 : If you were to know, if she did not like you, she wouldn’t even care about you, because she’s afraid of you doing the wrong thing.

Line 5 : If you were to know, if she did not like you, she would not have got angry, throw her tantrums, and let you cheer her up, because she’s a fine lady in front of everyone else.

Line 6 : If you were to know, if she did not like you, you wouldn’t even be able to make her cry, and her anger would not last for even 2 days!

Line 7 : And all because of the love she has for you, and also the consequences happen because you don’t care enough for her, and you don’t know her well enough …..

Line 8 : Therefore, both of you quarreled occasionally, you think that she has a bad temper, she think that you are not giving in to her ….

Line 9 : Therefore, both of you engaged in cold conversations, you think that she does not like you, she think that you are not caring for her ….

Line 10 : Therefore, because of such ridiculous thoughts, both of you missed each other, feeling guilty and of sorrow between each other.

Line 11 : And to know, the beauty of sorrow, is also a form of beauty itself, yet if you know how to understand it, it could have been a greater form of beauty.

Line 12 : Because of the love she has for you, she will lose her temper, and throw her tantrums.

Line 13 : Because of the love she has for you, she will be angry at you.

Line 14 : And because she loves you, she would not be angry with you for such long periods.

Line 15 : If you were to know, a girl’s heart is made out of crystal, so clear yet fragile, and easily broken if hurt.

Line 16 : If you were to know, there are no defenses to a girl’s heart, your ease of entrance into her heart, will only cause more hurt when you leave.

Line 17 : She never would know that, there’s no one in this world that could have made her cry, because the man that she would feel worthy to be crying for, would never allow her to break down in tears…

Line 18 : She would be stubborn, she would be proud, she would be cold, and she would always ask you to leave her alone, but in her heart, she wants you to stay with her.

Line 19 : So open your ears, and open up your heart, and hear her inner thoughts for you, and not just any words that come out from her mouth….

Line 20 : and she will see you turn away, and do the same thing, and when you are facing backwards against each other, you would not see her tears, because her heart is crying out

Line 21 : If you really love her, spend more time with her, and if you really love her, pamper her, and if you really love her, always try to give in to her more….

Line 22 : If you really really love her, hear her inner emotions, that is her call for you! Open up your arms to hug her!

Line 23 : In the world of love, you are always hurting each other, and you try to show that your love is intensive, and you love her to the maximum.

Line 24 : But in reality, there is no right or wrong in love, neither is there more or less.

Line 25 : You love her, She loves you, that is enough, don’t try to hurt her, or make each other get hurt again.

Line 26 : When you love each other, what you need is warmth, joy, happiness, and the sweet feeling, rather than causing hurt.

Line 27 : Don’t treat silence as a weapon, and go fiercely against each other, neither should you leave her all alone by herself, slowly leaving the scene…

Line 28 : If you were to know, when you left her alone, your eyes were clouded in fog, and her eyes were sparkling with tears of sorrow….

Line 29 : As quiet as it could be, the separation becomes worse, treating it like a cold period, and hurt each other again. If you were to patch back with her again, those injuries could never heal, and you could never remove it…

Line 30 : Please embrace her, and embrace her to remove her sorrows, and to dry her tears.

Line 31 : She loves you, and she would not reject your open arms to keep her warm through your hugs, but she’s afraid of you turning away and leaving her alone …..

Line 32 : Lovers do not go to war against each other, because of the pain it will bring is more than what you would simply expect.

Line 33 : And remember, if you love her, there’s nothing you would not accept her of, because when you love a person, you will accept everything of her….

Line 34 : And all her bad habits of throwing her temper, her attitudes, in your eyes, should only be tantrums…

Line 35 : And Please remember….she loves you, and she does not need you to turn away, words from her mouth are not true…

Line 36 : She only wants you to cheer her up, and embrace her in your arms….isn’t that right?

Now the extract comes to an end, guys, when you love a person, remember, she is the most precious person to you, know how to take care of her and love her dearly. Don’t be so sure of yourself that you are doing the right thing always, be clear, be strong.

You could be the most charming person, the person with the greatest looks, the richest person, but if you don’t know how to take care and love someone, then you could reallly be a failure emotionally and mentally.

Take some time to think over this, and feel free to share with me your comments.

This article’s translation was done with the best efforts that I could do in translation, please inform me if there are any errors within the article.

Thank you for reading!

Yours Truly,


“Play with Originality, Play with StyleZ”


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