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March 13, 2007

StyleZ.Blog Games Review!

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Hi all! Welcome back again this month of March, to StyleZ.Blog. Here, today, I shall actually start reviewing games that I have, or played, and find it good to introduce to everyone. Some of the games would be of a freeware basis (no required payment), and some games that requires the original software.

Without Further Ado……


Mario Forever!

Mario Forever!

A classic remake of the game, Super Mario Brothers, Mario Forever is created by Buziol Games as one of the most successful Super Mario freeware game available throughout the Internet community. In Mario Forever, Buziol Games implements the same style of playing Super Mario, where you get to control Mario, on his journey to save the princess again, at the same time, collecting gold coins, mushrooms, and fireflowers just like the other games in the Super Mario series. Sadly, you don’t get the chance to use Luigi within this version of the game.

How is the game interesting?

– Explore 8 different worlds in Mario Forever! Relive those memories of getting through those levels!

– Get multiple power-ups such as Growth Mushroom, FireFlower, Invincibility Star and Extra Life!

– New maps that are different from the original NES Super Mario!

– 2D Side-Scrolling Action!

– Simple and easy Interface!

– Easily configured controls!

– Does not require high specs and support quite a few platforms!

– New Weapons! (Bouncy Turnips)

Rating : 8/10

Included below are a few screenshots!

Mario Part 1

Mario Part 2

Mario End!

You can get the game @

The game is currently hosted at, so both links will bring you to the same spot to download the game.

Technical Specifications about the Game :

Mario Forever

Size : 18 – 25MB (Different version of the games comes in different sizes, mine was of an older version)

Includes A Mario Forever IE Toolbar (No spyware/adware included)

It’s a good game nonetheless, and I will also include the link to download the game in the Games Category I added in the navigation bar on the right! Check it out when you are free!

– StyleZ

“Play with Originality, Play with StyleZ”



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