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April 29, 2007

Making Your Own Wireless Network Guide : Part 2! [Intel Pro/Wireless]

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Hi all, This is Jasper, President of Gaming.RP. Today, I will feature a guide, especially for RP students, that focus on creating your own wireless LAN Network for gaming and sharing of files!

Without Further Ado!


– Bored in class?

– Tempted to play DoTA / CS ?

– Want to know how to create a wireless network of your own?

– Want to know the real facts & rumours of gaming in Republic Polytechnic?

Then you have come to the right place! Here @ StyleZ.Blog, today, I shall feature a guide on how to create your own wireless network, so that you could play LAN games with your classmates! This guide is especially effective, since RP has previously created network policies that actually disabled laptops from creating their own wireless network in the Windows Wireless Connection!

So without further ado, let’s start the guide!



April 10, 2007

The MSConfig Guide! [Having a slow computer?]

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Just bought your laptop from Acer/Fujitsu/different computer companies?

– Feel that it’s lagging?

– Notice a lot of programs starting up during login, and loading takes very long?

– *Rare Cases* – Viruses and trojans are loading during startups, wondering if there’s a method to disable them?


April 9, 2007


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Hi all! Welcome back to StyleZ.Blog. Today, I will be releasing 3 different guides, covering mainly the topics of

– MSConfig Tweaking!

– New released AdHoc Networking Guide!

– Guides Requests by many users!

Especially for new year ones, all these guides will be useful in your 3 years of staying duration!

Continue visiting the blog for updates of these guides in the coming days/weeks!

– Jasper

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