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July 9, 2007

The PSP Article 1 : Introduction to the PSP Scene!

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You must be wondering why I would be doing such an article today. As a gamer myself, I do own such a wonderful device, and there are multiple possibilities that this machine can actually produce. I would just do a brief introduction on the product before I share with everyone about what the Sony PSP can do.


From my experience of interacting with this product, I came up with such a research note of what the PSP is.

Moving on from what normal handhelds or portable devices such as the GBASP, or the wonders of the 3G/4G series phones available throughout the world, the PSP is what your incorporate from your normal extensive daily lifestyle, and combine it with different visual entertainment, from Music, Movies, Games, Photos and even more!

Then again, people once asked me, how do you classify Nintendo DS Lite against PSP as two different kind of handhelds?

I basically classify the buyers into two situations, where

A. The Lifestyle-Entertainment User – The one who should go for PSP, a device with multiple possibilities and enough memory space(with a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo or even the upcoming 8GB ones) and capabilities to handle all kind of situations, where the user choose to

– play video games

– watch movies

– glance at photos

– listen to music

– take photos (with the launch of the PSPWebCam Device, The PSP can take photos with a camera of 1.3 MegaPixels!)

– GPS System (with the launch of the GPS-System Device, The PSP can become a GPS system for your usage!)

– and the features are limitless, especially with homebrews! (will be featuring this in the PSP Article 2!)


B. The Hardcore/Avid Gamer – The one to preferably go for the Nintendo DS Lite, it is a handheld that share nearly similar capabilities as the PSP, but not a choice to do so. Currently space is limited to 2GB, and still under testing whether it could go over the 2GB limit. The NDS Lite is more useful for the gamers, as it provide different games that cater to many users, and uses the capabilities of a touch-screen to attract different users in terms of the games provided like

– The Super Mario Series!

– Pokemon!

– Anime-Based Games!

– Final Fantasy Series & RPGs as well!


Therefore, I’m not saying PSP is of course better than the NDS lite, I’m looking into getting a NDS lite as well, I’m belonging to both of the categories (:


What’s this about homebrew that you mentioned? (Definition from

Homebrew refers to at-home programming, primarily by amateur programmers or hackers. Homebrew programs include games, utility software, downgraders, game system emulators, and pretty much anything you can imagine wanting to run on a PSP.

Homebrew exists for many systems and platforms, including the PSP. The PSP homebrew community has been very active in finding ways to get homebrew software to work on all PSP firmware versions (only the latest versions are incapable on running homebrew at all), despite Sony’s continuing attempts to stop them.

It has been pointed out that many PSP users want homebrew in order to be able to run pirated games, but many others simply want to add functionality to their machines and do cool stuff no possible with the official firmware releases.


Of course, I’m not limiting anyone to what they want to do using their PSP when it comes to the issue of homebrew. When you downgrade your PSP, it is the reason that you do the downgrade for.

In the homebrew community, the users are normally classified in two manners :

1 – HomeBrew Developers and Users. In this category, users and developers use homebrew software, such as self-created games, or emulators to play classic games, or even cool devices such as a self-created GPS system, a calculator device, a audio-mixing device, and a lot of cool stuff to play around with. Even applications like MSN, IRC, Trillian, are found to be working in the homebrew community for the PSP!

2 – Pirates Users. The category where users download ISOs or CSOs to play their game without the need to purchase them, homebrew software has make it possible for them to do so by using a technology called ISO loader which implement such a feature. Of course, with such a category, it’s known to be illegal, and Sony does not like such situations, therefore it creates multiple firmware upgrades constantly to patch such loopholes, but the community is too big to be stopped.


Of course, I shall share with you my TOP 10 Homebrews that I have on my PSP, and the TOP 10 Homebrews commonly used worldwide by PSP users who have downgraded or changed their firmware before. I will also provide the installation methods in the upcoming article 2 tomorrow!

Of course, if you have any questions, you can bring it to my MSN @

or send me an email to my workmail @ and I will do my best to answer your enquiries!

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you have understand and enjoyed your time here.

Thank you.

– StyleZ

“Play with Originality, Play with StyleZ”



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