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February 4, 2008

All Good Things Will come to an End, But New Things will Produce Something Better!

Hi all. After such a long period of maintaining the blog, it will be emigrating to a new website soon, and I will be moving my content to it.

I thank all the 39000+ readers who had visited my blog in the past 2 years.

When it began, it was an attempt to share my knowledge with my school, and slowly, it reach the whole world and I enjoyed helping everyone who was here reading my blog. Without the constant support, the blog won’t have be what it is today.

Once I transfer my contents over, I will post the link for those who are always on the lookout for the content, so that you can find it easily.

I will be transferring my materials over slowly, so no worries about that, just that the blog may cease to have its own existence after the content are transferred over. So remember ! Visit my new website once it’s done!


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